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Appointments with Marc are available 12:30 pm to 6:30 pm weekdays. 

If you do not have an appointment and are dropping by to purchase supplements, please us at 415-928-5423 first to make sure that we are in the office.

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Our Mission is to support your process of healing and staying healthy. Our work compliments your Doctor’s recommendations with individual care customized to support your internal health, allowing your treatment to be more effective. We are committed to continuing our training and acquiring the latest state-of-the-art equipment that will provide you with the most effective results for your increased health.

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10 Steps to Assisting Lymph Flow = Reducing Pain = Increasing Mobility

  1. Blood sugar
  2. Hydration: clean water 1 quart for 50 lbs body weight, per day
  3. Ph balance
  4. Movement: vital for proper lymph flow
  5. Digestion: chew thoroughly, apple cider vinegar
  6. Elimination: urinate, defecate, sweat. Enemas or colonics
  7. Reduce exposure to EMF’s and indoor filtered air. Increase outdoor time and walking in quiet
  8. Reduce or eliminate all drying dehydrating foods or experiences
  9. Manage stress which reduces fight or flight response which makes us acidic
  10. Make sure your skin and body has little to no exposure to toxic substances ie. cleaning products, lotions, soaps, or any cosmetics that don’t feed the skin the healthy oils it needs.


10 things that aren’t free

  1. Great water filtration unit that also balances Ph
  2. Clean metal or glass containers for foods and liquids
  3. Great shoes to walk in that have flexion in the toes to pump lymph
  4. Organic food
  5. Healthy cosmetics and shampoo’s and soap’s
  6. Supplements where appropriate
  7. Body work or massage or movement of any sort to pump lymph
  8. Chiropractic or acupuncture to reset the body
  9. Naturopath or practitioner who can work with identifying your individual needs
  10. Healthy mattress and sleeping arrangements (can be tatami mats or buckwheat pillow to mattresses that have no metal to conduct EMF’s


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