Nutritional Counseling with Marc Weill

What is nutritional counseling? If you want to optimize your body's performance or immunity, support with nutrition the resolution of an issue that you are treating with the traditional Western approach to health, or just want prevention and don't want to waste your time and money taking supplements that you are not sure are doing anything, then seeing a nutritional counselor is a great way to get the support. As nutritional counselors we use our training and experience to analyze your needs and support them by offering supplement and dietary recommendations.

Marc sees clients with challenging issues such as lyme disease, fibromyalgia, arthritis, allergies, etc... He utilizes a specific method of analysis* and testing referred to as Acupoint Integrative Testing to analyze which organs and physiological processes can use support in getting their job done.

We schedule an initial session of 90 minutes with a first time client, with follow-up sessions usually lasting 45 minutes. Our hourly Nutritional Counseling rate is $300/hour. Repeat visits are charged in 15 minute increments.

Acupoint Integrative Testing

Acupoint Integrative Testing is the most accurate and comprehensive system for evaluating an individual's nutritional needs and designing a highly effective program of nutritional supplementation.

Acupoint Integrative Testing was developed by biochemist Daniel Newell, M.S., C.N., one of the country's foremost authorities in the clinical application of Standard Process products and Senior Technical Consultant for Standard Process of Northern California, based on his 20 years of research and clinical experience with Standard Process products.

Acupoint Integrative Testing utilizes kinesiological (muscle) testing of EAV (Electro-acupuncture According to Voll) points to determine the body systems that are under stress: lymphatic, endocrine, immune, vascular, musculo-skeletal, digestive, hepatic, sympathetic/parasympathetic, central nervous system, cardiovascular, respiratory, renal and other physiological systems.

The Acupoint Test Kit lets us find and specifically identify the underlying energetic stressors that include a broad range of the most common bacterias, viruses, parasites, spirochetes, vaccines, pesticides, insecticides, enteric pathogens, chemicals, interleukens and complements.

Nutritional Counseling Q&A

The body has the powerful ability to heal itself of issues that trouble it, and by making specific changes to your dietary intake you can create a healthy environment within yourself to that end.

As our lifestyle makes greater demands of us, and also as the world population increases and thus the quality of our food supply is thus affected universally, we sometimes do not get all that we need from what we eat. So supplementing the diet with whole food concentrated elements can give the body the boost it needs to effectively handle issues that come up.

During our session with you we are not able to make a diagnosis, but using points on the body that correspond with acupuncture meridians we can use direct analysis to determine what processes the body is running that may need support and then recommend a supplement protocol to that end. After seeing people commit to a dietary and supplementary protocol, we have watched them resolve issues in their bodies such as arthritis, depression, allergies, lyme disease, weight loss, viruses, chronic infections and more (see our testimonials).

Nutrition is a safe and effective tool for building vibrant good health. As we mentioned above, the body has incredible powers to heal itself if given the chance. When nutritional imbalances are corrected, the body is better prepared to prevent and respond to disease states, the efficacy of other treatments is enhanced, and more permanent, complete healing is possible.

Q: What have you found to be the keys to proper nutrition?

A: The first step to proper nutrition is a custom plan for the individual. No two of us are alike in our health -- because of our history, our unique inner-biological environment, and our goals.

Almost everyone can achieve improved health by doing the following:
+ Eat foods that are rich in electrolytes and are more alkaline, which tends to mean more organic fruits and Vegetables.
+ Eat in accordance with your metabolic type. Which means to eat foods that your body digests best.
+ Eat smaller meals and chew properly.

A program of gut repair; including acidophilus and other supplements or homeopathy to energetically shift the body's digestive mechanisms; which may include support to the liver, spleen, pancreas and kidneys.

Hydrate, which includes water, and electrolyte rich tea or herbs.

Q: Why is nutrition important for injury repair?

A: Nutrition is a catalyst to either support the integrity of the cells and tissue, just as improper nutrition can hinder progress by creating tissue that is viscous and acidic and slow to change.

Q:What is your recipe for Health and Wellness?

A: First determine your goals... Do you just want to have more energy -- yet still eat out a lot... Or do you want to live until you're 104 years old?

Do a proper assessment of the status of your health and review your options. This includes an honest look at what changes that you can integrate into your life.

Structural imbalances and injuries should be repaired as best you can. These imbalances contribute to degeneration and to the negative impact on your meridians. This may include Rolfing or Massage Therapy.

Proper nutrition; having a proper, custom program that is biologically appropriate for your body's needs;including creating proper pH Balance, healthy flora in the intestines, reduction to the viral load, reducing the vulnerability to sickness and disease.

Exercise; helping lymph movement, heart health, mind and body wellness.

Custom fix supplementation program -- concentrated food grade supplements from an organic source to support weaker organs, help rebuild the body from stress and environmental factors.

Add On - Do it yourself:
Saunas, skin brushing, relaxation, meditation, yoga, spirituality, healthy relationships... being grateful and appreciative. Possibly chiropractic care, acupuncture, colonic therapy, and other parallel alternative therapies.

[* Complete toxicity tests of an individual's blood and urine normally cost about $15,000. To read a U.S. writer's results, paid for by National Geographic magazine for their October 2006 edition on "The Pollution Within" our environment, home and body, pull up ( It can be a sobering picture, but we feel that it is possible to remove our body's toxins.]