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Core Care Center focuses on increasing your Core health and wellness using services and equipment to provide you with the most effective results.

The issues and approaches that we can work to support you with include:

  • Lymph Stasis (as in weight gain and Lymphedema)
  • Headaches
  • Low Energy
  • Chronic Pain
  • Lyme Disease
  • Arthritis
  • Allergies
  • Acute Injury
  • General Health Optimization

Some of the tools and techniques we use include:

  • Thermography
  • EB Pro / Energy Balancing System, Ionic Footbath
  • Light Beam Generator
  • Rolfing
  • Nutritional Counseling and Biological Assessment
  • Photonic Stimulator for Injury and Pain Treatment
  • Pulsed Energy Replenisher
  • Whole Food Supplements, Enzymes, Homeopathy, Vitamins and Herbs
  • Applied Kinesiology, Muscle Testing
  • Cold Laser Therapy
  • Electro-Dermal Screening: Vega Testing
  • Vega Select Diagnostic and Treatment


Light Beam Generator & ST-8

Lymph System Mobilizer

Link to ELF Labs:


What is it?
The Light Beam Generator is a multi-head unit that assists the body in restoring proper lymph function. 
The ST-8 utilizes the Light Beam Generator technology. With this technology, the super-saturated oxygen is delivered at an energetic level into the field, matching the body impedance for maximum utilization by tissues and organs. Thus, an atmosphere for wellness is created.

The LBG technology is used to facilitate lymph drainage, and after its use clients have shown noteable improvement with issues such as lymph stasis and lymphedema. It is also used to aid symptom reduction for issues such as cancer, arthritis, headaches, fibromyalgia, and pain. Finally, since the collection of lymph affects facial definition.

It is used in cases of activating your fountain of youth, chronic back pain reduction, shortcutting the inflammatory process, and is used by the US team in the Tour de France. 

How it works:
The lymphatic system is a network of vessels and lymph nodes that runs throughout the body, eliminating waste and toxins. It is the body's primary cleansing and filtration system. The Light Beam Generator uses six different light, gas and electromagnetic pulsing therapies to deliver gentle incoherent photonic light deep into the the cells and lymph nodes, breaking up protein structures that block the lymph system from doing its very important job. 

Recommended Treatment Protocol:
Number of sessions depends entirely upon the condition, severity, or goals with the appointment.

Cost: $200 per session

38 heads of light beams are used 

Session includes:
8 head ST-8 with sweep
6 head ST-8 with sweep
12 head LBG with sweep
12 head LBG
Add: EB Pro/ Energy Balancing System for only $25 more

Session Duration:
Anywhere from twenty minutes to three hours, depending on each case.

Indications for Use:

  • Signs of lymph congestion, including: achiness, headaches, sluggishness, lethargy, inflammation, digestive discomfort.
  • Lymphedema, swollen lymph nodes, cellulite, cancer, arthritis, lupus.
  • Migraines, chronic illness, fibromyalgia, lyme disease.
  • Detoxification, prostate enlargement, pre and post-surgical care.
  • Weight loss, scar tissue, acne and other skin disorders.


i.e. do not use if you have any of the following:

  1. A history of epilepsy
  2. A pacemaker or other form of medically necessary electrical implant
  3. A known thrombosis
  4. Thyroid hyperactivity
  5. Asthma
  6. If you are pregnant, or are taking blood-thinning medication 

  7. Frequently Asked Questions:
    1) How often should I expect to use the Light Beam Generator or ST-8? Typically, most clients come in anywhere from once or twice a week, to once or twice a month. Ask us what is best for your situation.

    2) What should I expect from my session? As when you receive a therapeutic massage, you are disrobed during the session and covered by a broad sheet to protect your modesty. The therapy is most effective when you are completely disrobed, as wearing underwear and/or a bra impedes the lymphatic flow due to the fact that we will be affecting superficial lymph drainage which passes through the area where the brastrap would be, or the elastic waistband of underpants.

    * With the exception of the drape being lowered to place the machine heads, and again to remove them, you will be completely covered from your shoulders to your feet. The technician will offer a pillowcase if you wish your chest to be covered. Generally the client will be lying down in a comfortable position on the table.

    * The main points for lymphatic flow in the upper body are at the clavical region and the sternum. In the lower body, the points are the crease in the leg, near the groin. These areas are targeted to break up blockages and increase lymph drainage.

    After the heads are set up, the session typically lasts from an hour to an hour and a half. You are left alone in the treatment room with a call button if you need assistance, to relax and enjoy your session. Most clients snooze during their sessions.

    ** Please note that payment is due at time of appointment for all services and products.